Conference room

A realistic 3D render of a round table dinner party. A long shot showing the length of the room.
A close up shot of one of the tables, with a cream tablecloth and eight place settings.

3D Modelling

This team project required us to accurately model the Alexander Graham Bell conference room in Moray College UHI. As one of three, my task was to model the room itself, whilst my team mates created the furniture and decoration elements.

  • Accurately measured models
  • Realistic materials
  • Realistic lighting
  • Teamwork
  • Asset management


  • 3DS Max
  • Cloud Renderer
An alternate shot of the room, showing the tables with red velvet tablecloths.
A closer shot of the room showing only a few tables in front of a glass sliding door.
A shot of the conference room with no furniture in it.