Each of these items are purely to demonstrate design ability.

Most are work created in college, and some are very early into my design education, so are pretty rough around the edges.

However, each one should demonstrate a design technique or two, click on them for a closer look:

An album cover depicting a giant pug towering over a ruined city, a la Godzilla.

Bitmap art

Album Cover

Mock up album cover for The Darkness - Permission To Land
A poster for a water brand showing a bottle in the foreground with a viking longboat sailing on the sea in the background.

Bitmap art

Nordic Spring

Branding exercise for a fictional water company.
A poster for Swatch depicting a giant tentacled sea monster attacking a lighthouse. One of the tentacles is a giant wristwatch.

Vector Art

Poster mock-up

Mock campaign for Swatch - for educational purposes only
A poster for a water brand showing a track running race where the lead runner is wearing a horned viking helmet, full braided beard and carrying a wooden shield.

Bitmap art

Nordic Spring

Branding exercise for a fictional water company.
An anti-smoking poster showing a horribly ugly man pulling a ridiculous face. In his hand is a cigarette.

Bitmap art

Anti-Smoking Poster you really need to know more about this one?
A short gif of an animation showing a dwarf character dancing with a skeletal character.

2D Animation

Death & The Dwarf

This was my first real attempt at 2D animation, using vector based characters.
A cartoon bearded man holding a riot helmet and a saucepan in a wheat field with a smoking airdropped crate in the background.

Bitmap & Vector art

Halifax on Twitch

A series of images produced for Twitch streamer TSM_Halifax.

This is my twitch channel where I livestream gameplay whilst interacting with viewers. Unique to my channel, I adapt and edit clips from other streams and showcase them in the "Dunnykin Theatre", a fictional 1920s movie theatre.

The vintage movie aesthetic, from the camera filters, the backgrounds, icons and music/sounds were created or sourced by

  • Presentation and interaction skills
  • Video editing
  • Special effects
  • Green screen


  • Streamlabs OBS
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Adobe After Effects
A cartoon avatar of me